Events in year of 0419

  • 04-03[Etalius] ends his reign as Catholic Pope

People born in year of 0419

  • 07-02Valentinian III: Roman Emperor (425-55)

People died in year of 0419

    No particular people died in year of 0419.

    Events in year of 0421

    • 02-08Flavius Constantine becomes Emperor Constantine III of West Roman Empire
    • 03-25Friday at 12pm - city of Venice founded
    • 06-07Eudocia A Athenais marries Oostromeins Emperor Theodosius II

    People born in year of 0421

      No particular people born in year of 0421.

      People died in year of 0421

      • 09-02Flavius Constantine III: Emperor of Westromeinse, dies at about 51