Events in year of 0468

  • 03-03St. Simplicius elected to succeed Catholic Pope Hilarius

People born in year of 0468

    No particular people born in year of 0468.

    People died in year of 0468

    • 02-29Pope Hilarius: Calendar reformer
    • 02-29St Hilary: Catholic Pope (461-468)
    • 12-18Huna Mari bar Mar Zutra: Rabbi, executed in Pumpedita

    Events in year of 0472

      No particular events in year of 0472.

      People born in year of 0472

      • 08-18Flavius Ricimer: General of the Western Roman Empire, kingmaker

      People died in year of 0472

      • 08-19Ricimer: Barbaars General
      • 10-02Olybrius: Emperor of Westromeinse Republic (472)