Events in year of 0911

  • 09-02Viking-monarch Oleg of Kiev-Russia signs treaty with Byzantines
  • 11-08Duke Koenraad I chosen German King
  • 11-10Conrad I elecect German King

People born in year of 0911

    No particular people born in year of 0911.

    People died in year of 0911

    • 04-14Sergius III: Italian Pope (904-11)
    • 09-24Ludwig III [the Child]: Last Carolingian German King (899-911)

    Events in year of 0912

      No particular events in year of 0912.

      People born in year of 0912

      • 11-23Otto I [the Great]: German King, Holy Roman Emperor (962-73)

      People died in year of 0912

      • 04-06Nottker "the Stamelaar": Benedictine Monk / poet, dies at about 71
      • 05-12Leo VI Sophos: Byzantine Emperor (886-912), dies at 45