Events in year of 1075

  • 06-09Battle at Homburg / Unstrut: German King Henry IV beats Saksen

People born in year of 1075

  • 02-16Ordericus Vitalis: French Monk / historian / poet

People died in year of 1075

  • 06-23Theoduinus: Beiers prince-bishop of Liege
  • 08-02John VIII Xiphilinus: Theologian / patriarch of Constantinople

Events in year of 1076

  • 01-24Synod of Worms: German King Henry IV fires Pope Gregory VII
  • 02-14Pope Gregory VII excommunicates Henry IV

People born in year of 1076

  • 08-25Philippe Comtois: Montreal, Quebec -- 3m springboard diver (1996 Olympics)

People died in year of 1076

  • 02-26Godfried III: With the Hump, Duke of Neth-Lutherian, murdered