Events in year of 1153

  • 03-23Treaty of Konstanz between Frederik I "Barbarossa" andPope Eugene III
  • 05-24Malcolm IV becomes King of Scotland
  • 11-06Treaty of Wallingford signed

People born in year of 1153

    No particular people born in year of 1153.

    People died in year of 1153

    • 07-08Eugene III [Bernardo]: Italian Pope (1145-53)
    • 08-20Bernard[us] van Clairvaux: French saint

    Events in year of 1154

    • 04-23Damascus surrenders to Sultan Nur ad-Din van Aleppo
    • 12-19King Henry II of England crowned

    People born in year of 1154

    • 11-11Sancho I: King of Portugal (1185-1211)

    People died in year of 1154

    • 02-26Rogier II Guiscard: King of Sicily (1101-54), dies at 60
    • 10-25Stefanus van Blois: King of England (1135-54)
    • 12-03Anastasius IV: Pope (1153-54)