Events in year of 1271

    No particular events in year of 1271.

    People born in year of 1271

    • 09-17Wenceslas II: King of Bohemia and Poland (1278-1305)

    People died in year of 1271

    • 01-10Otto II [the Lame]: Earl of Gelre
    • 10-15Hostiensis [Henricus the Segusia]: Cardinal / Bishop of Ostia
    • 11-16Henry III: King of England (1216-71, Provisions of Oxford)

    Events in year of 1272

    • 11-20Edward I proclaimed King of England

    People born in year of 1272

      No particular people born in year of 1272.

      People died in year of 1272

      • 03-14Re Enzo: Italian Poet / Son of Emp Frederik II von Hohenstaufen
      • 04-17Zita / Cita: Italian maid / saint, dies at about 59
      • 08-06Stefanus V: Prince of Transylvania / King of Hungary (1270-72)
      • 11-19David of Augsburg: Franciscan minister / author