Events in year of 1304

  • 08-11Sea battle of Zierikzee
  • 09-11Willem III becomes Earl of Holland

People born in year of 1304

  • 02-24Muhammad ibn Battutah: Arab travel writer (Travels in Asia and Africa)
  • 07-20Francesco Petrarch: Italy -- Poet (Italia Mia)

People died in year of 1304

    No particular people died in year of 1304.

    Events in year of 1305

    • 06-23French-Flemish peace treaty signed at Athis-sur-Orge

    People born in year of 1305

      No particular people born in year of 1305.

      People died in year of 1305

      • 03-07Gwijde van Dampierre: Count of Flanders / Count of Namur, dies at 78
      • 09-10Nicholas van Tolentino: Italian saint