Events in year of 1312

  • 04-032nd council of Vienna
  • 05-06Pope Clement V closes Council of Vienna
  • 06-29Roman Catholics German King Henry VII crowned
  • 08-03Power of Luik Patriarch murders over 200
  • 09-27Duke John II of Brabant ends Charter of Kortenberg

People born in year of 1312

  • 11-13Edward III: King of England (1327-77, raped Countess of Salisbury)

People died in year of 1312

  • 06-19Piers Gaveston: Earl of Cornwall, beheaded
  • 10-17Jan II: Duke of Brabant / Limburg (charter of Kortenberg)

Events in year of 1313

  • 02-15Peace of Angleur

People born in year of 1313

    No particular people born in year of 1313.

    People died in year of 1313

    • 08-24Henry VII: Roman Catholic German King / Emperor (1308 / 12-13)