Events in year of 1339

    No particular events in year of 1339.

    People born in year of 1339

    • 07-23Louis I: Duke of Anjou / King of Naples (Battle at Poitiers)

    People died in year of 1339

      No particular people died in year of 1339.

      Events in year of 1340

      • 01-26English King Edward III proclaimed King of France
      • 06-07Rotterdam Netherlands founded
      • 06-24Battle at Lock: English fleet beats France / Genuezen, 10-30,000 killed
      • 06-24In the Hundred Years War, British fleet destroys French at Sluys
      • 09-25England and France sign disarmament treaty
      • 11-28Battle of Salado Spain: last Moor invasion driven back

      People born in year of 1340

      • 07-18Philip van Artevelde: Wine salesman / lord lt of Flanders
      • 11-30John Duke of Berry: Captain of Paris / art collector

      People died in year of 1340

      • 03-31Ivan I Kalita: Grand-duke of Vladimir
      • 06-01Jan III van Diest: Bishop of Utrecht (1322-40)
      • 10-18Henry Henricus of Friemar: Augustine philosopher