Events in year of 1357

  • 01-04Flemish Earl Louis and Luxembourg Duke Wenceslaus sign peace treaty
  • 06-03Peace of Aat
  • 11-25Charles IV issues letter of protection of Jews of Strasbourg Alsace

People born in year of 1357

  • 04-22Johan I: King of Portugal (1383-1433)

People died in year of 1357

  • 05-28Afonso IV: King of Portugal (1325-57), dies at 66

Events in year of 1358

  • 05-28Daint-Leu at Oise begins French boer uprising
  • 06-10French boer leader Guillaume Cale captured

People born in year of 1358

    No particular people born in year of 1358.

    People died in year of 1358

    • 07-31Etienne Marcel: French textile Merchant / Reformer / Boer leader