Events in year of 1360

  • 03-15France invasion army lands on English south coast, conquers Winchel
  • 07-25Jews are expelled from Breslau Silesia
  • 07-27Danish King Waldemar IV destroys Visby Gotland

People born in year of 1360

  • 10-25Louis: Founder of house of Anjou

People died in year of 1360

    No particular people died in year of 1360.

    Events in year of 1361

      No particular events in year of 1361.

      People born in year of 1361

      • 02-26Wenceslas of Bohemia: Holy Roman Catholic German Emperor (1378-1400)

      People died in year of 1361

      • 06-09Philippe de Vitry: French Composer / poet, dies at 69
      • 06-16John Tauler: German mystic (Gottesfreunde) dies at about 61