Events in year of 1369

  • 06-19Duke Philip the Stout marries Margaretha van Male

People born in year of 1369

    No particular people born in year of 1369.

    People died in year of 1369

    • 03-23Pedro [the Cruel]: King / tyrant of Castile and Leon, murdered

    Events in year of 1370

    • 02-17Battle at Rudau: Germany beats Lithuania
    • 04-22Bastille begins being built in Paris
    • 05-22Jews are expelled / massacred from Brussels Belgium
    • 05-24Hanzesteden signs peace treaty with Danish King Waldemar IV

    People born in year of 1370

    • 04-11Frederick I the Warlike: Elector of Saxony

    People died in year of 1370

    • 11-05Kazimierz III [the Great]: King of Poland (1333-70), dies at 61
    • 12-19Urban V [Guillaume de Grimoard]: 1st Avignon Pope (1362-70)