Events in year of 1380

  • 09-08Russians defeat Tatars at Kulikovo, beginning decline of Tatars
  • 11-14King Charles VI of France crowned at age 12
  • 11-16French King Charles VI declares no taxes for ever

People born in year of 1380

  • 02-11Gianfrancesco Poggio Bracciolini: Italy -- Humanist
  • 07-24Johannes van Capestrano: Italian Saint
  • 09-08Bernardinus of Siena: Italian Saint

People died in year of 1380

  • 07-13Bertrand du Guesclin: French King of Granada, dies at about 60
  • 09-16Charles V [the Wise]: King of France (1364-80)
  • 12-24John von Neumarkt: German Bishop / Chancellor Karel IV

Events in year of 1381

  • 05-30English boer uprising begins in Essex

People born in year of 1381

  • 01-13St Colette: Abbess / Reformer (Poor Clares)
  • 07-01Laurentius Justitianus [Lorenzo Giustiniani]: Saint

People died in year of 1381

  • 05-13John of Chatillon: Governor / Viceroy of Holland
  • 07-15John Ball: English priest / ideologist of Boer uprising, hanged