Events in year of 1387

  • 10-17Swells convent Windesheim initiated
  • 10-26Amsterdam buccaneer Herman of Kuinre sign peace

People born in year of 1387

  • 01-01Charles [the Angry One]: King of Navarra (1349-87)

People died in year of 1387

  • 01-01Karel de Boze: King of Navarra (1349-87)
  • 01-05Pedro IV: King of Aragon / Conqueror of Sicily, dies at 67
  • 07-22French Ackerman: Ghent rebel / leader of Reisers, murdered at about 57
  • 08-03Olaf V Haakonsson: King of Denmark (1376-87) / Norway (1380-87)

Events in year of 1389

  • 06-15Battle of Kossovo; Turks defeat Serbs, Bosnians
  • 10-30French King Charles VI visits Pope Clemens VII

People born in year of 1389

    No particular people born in year of 1389.

    People died in year of 1389

    • 03-31Everhard Tserclaes: Sheriff of Brussels, murdered
    • 06-15Lazar I: Serbian prince, dies in battle
    • 06-15Murad I: Osmaans Sultan, dies in battle
    • 10-15Urbanus VI [Bartolomeo Prignano]: Italian Pope (1378-89)
    • 11-19Dimitri Ivanovitch "Donskoi": Monarch of Vladimir-Soezdal, dies at 39