Events in year of 1399

  • 08-05Battle at Worskla: Tataren beat Russians and Litouwers
  • 08-19King Richard II of England surrenders to his cousin Henry
  • 09-30King Richard II of England abdicates throne

People born in year of 1399

    No particular people born in year of 1399.

    People died in year of 1399

    • 10-05Raymundus of Capua: Italian General

    Events in year of 1400

      No particular events in year of 1400.

      People born in year of 1400

      • 12-22Luca della Robbia: Italy -- Sculptor (Madonna of Rose Garden)

      People died in year of 1400

      • 03-24Florens Radewijns: Dutch priest / leader Modern Devotion
      • 10-25Geofrey Chaucer: Author (Canterbury Tales), dies in London