Events in year of 1403

  • 07-23Battle of Shrewsbury fought by Percys against King Henry IV

People born in year of 1403

  • 01-11Jan IV: Duke of Brabant / Limburg
  • 02-22Charles VII: King of France (1422-61) - drove out English

People died in year of 1403

  • 03-08Bajezid I Jildirim: 4th Sultan of Turkey (1389-1403), dies at 42
  • 07-23Henry Percy [Harry Hotspur]: Killed in battle at 39

Events in year of 1404

  • 08-01Earl Engelbert I of Nassau marries Johanna of Poland
  • 09-26Brussels Brabants / Limburgse audit-office established

People born in year of 1404

  • 02-09Constantine XI Dragases: Last Byzantine Emperor
  • 02-18Leon B Alberti: Italian humanist / architect (Della Pittura)
  • 07-25Philips van Saint-Pol: Duke of Brabant

People died in year of 1404

  • 04-27Philip [the Stout]: Duke of Burgundy, dies at 62
  • 09-27William of Wykeham: Chancellor / Bishop of Winchester
  • 10-01Boniface IX [Pietro Tomacelli]: Pope (1389-1404)
  • 12-13Albrecht: Duke of Bavaria, dies at 74
  • 12-16Albrecht of Bavaria: Duke of Bavaria, dies at about 74