Events in year of 1415

  • 05-29Council of Konstanz
  • 07-04Angelo Correr becomes Pope Gregory XII
  • 08-13King Henry V of England army lands on mouth of Seine River
  • 10-17Jewish autonomy in Palestine ends, as Raban Gamliel leaves office
  • 10-25Battle of Agincourt, Welsh longbow defeat armored knight
  • 10-25John IV van Bourgondy becomes Duke of Brabant / Limburg

People born in year of 1415

  • 09-21Frederick III: Innsbruck, Austria -- German Emperor (1440-1493)

People died in year of 1415

  • 03-20Henry IV Bolingbroke: King of England (1399-1413), dies at 45
  • 07-06Jan Hus: Burned for heresy by the Church at Constance, Germany
  • 10-25Eduard: Duke of York, dies at 45
  • 10-25Philip of Nevers: French earl, dies in battle
  • 10-25Robert of Bar: French knight, dies in battle

Events in year of 1416

  • 05-07Monk Nicolaas Serrurier arrested because of heresy at Tournay

People born in year of 1416

  • 03-27Antonio Squarcialupi: Composer

People died in year of 1416

  • 04-02Ferdinand I [the Justified]: King of Aragon / Sicily, dies at 52
  • 04-23Blaise / Blasius of Parma: Ital astrologist / philosopher / algebra
  • 07-15John: Duke of Berry, captain of Paris