Events in year of 1427

  • 05-10Jews are expelled from Berne Switzerland

People born in year of 1427

  • 11-30Kazimierz IV: King of Poland (1447-92)

People died in year of 1427

  • 04-14John IV: Duke of Brabant
  • 04-17Jan IV: Duke of Brabant / Limburg / Wife of Jacoba van Bayern

Events in year of 1428

  • 01-09Pope Martinus V declares Jacoba van Beierens marriage invalid
  • 06-29Jacoba of Bavaria signs cease fire with Philip the Good
  • 07-03Treaty of Delft-between Jacoba of Bayern and Philip the Good

People born in year of 1428

  • 12-22Richard Neville Warwick: 2nd Earl of Salisbury

People died in year of 1428

    No particular people died in year of 1428.