Events in year of 1430

  • 01-01Jews of Sicily are no longer required to attend conversionist services
  • 01-10Duke Philip the Good marries Isabella of Portugal
  • 01-10Order of the Guilder forms
  • 05-05Jews are expelled from Speyer Germany
  • 05-23Joan of Arc is captured at Compiegne and sold to the British
  • 10-03Jews are expelled from Eger Bohemia
  • 10-05Duke Philip the Good of Bourgondy visits Brussels

People born in year of 1430

    No particular people born in year of 1430.

    People died in year of 1430

    • 08-04Philip of Saint-Pol: Duke of Brabant / Limburg, dies at 26

    Events in year of 1431

    • 01-03Joan of Arc handed over to the Bishop
    • 02-21England begins trial against Joan of Arc
    • 03-03Bishop Gabriele Condulmer elected as Pope Eugene IV
    • 07-23Council of Basel opens
    • 07-23G Cesarini opens Counsel of Basel (Ferrara / Florence)
    • 11-201st meeting of Order of Guilder Flies
    • 12-16King Henry VI of England crowned King of France

    People born in year of 1431

    • 01-01Alexander VI [Rodrigo Borgia]: Spanish / Italian Pope (1492-1503)

    People died in year of 1431

    • 02-20Martinus V [Oddo Colonna]: Italian Pope
    • 05-30Joan of Arc: Burned as a witch by English at Rouen at 19