Events in year of 1433

    No particular events in year of 1433.

    People born in year of 1433

    • 11-10Charles of Charolais [the Bold]: Duke of Burgundy / polyglot

    People died in year of 1433

    • 08-14Johan I: King of Portugal (1383-1433), dies at 76
    • 09-21Zweder van Kuilenberg: Bishop of Utrecht

    Events in year of 1434

    • 03-01Jacoba of Bavaria marries Frank van Borselen
    • 05-30Battle at Lipany
    • 07-28Navigator Gil Eanes leaves Cape Bojador for Lisbon
    • 11-24Thames River freezes

    People born in year of 1434

    • 08-29Janus Pannonius: Hungarian poet / translator

    People died in year of 1434

    • 05-16Pieter Appelmans: Flemish Architect / master builder, dies at about 60
    • 06-01Jagiello: King of Lithuania / Poland