Events in year of 1452

  • 03-09Pope Nicolaas I crowns Frederik III RC-German Emperor
  • 03-19Frederick III of Hapsburg crowned Roman German Emperor

People born in year of 1452

  • 03-10Ferdinand II [the Catholic]: King of Aragon / Sicily (expelled Jews)
  • 07-27Ludovico Sforza [il Moro]: Italian Duke of Milan (1494 . .1500)
  • 09-21Girolamo Savonarola: Monk / Reformer / Dictator of Florence (1494-98)
  • 10-02King Richard III: Of England (1483-85)
  • 12-22Jakob Obrecht: Brabant -- Composer

People died in year of 1452

    No particular people died in year of 1452.

    Events in year of 1453

    • 01-06Emperor Frederik III becomes Archduke of Austria
    • 04-21Turkish fleet sinks ships Golden Receiver in Constantinople
    • 05-29Constantinople falls to Muhammad II (Turks); ends Byzantine Empire
    • 05-29French banker Jacques Coeurs possessions confiscated
    • 07-0441 Jewish martyrs burned at stake at Breslau
    • 07-171st battle at Castillon: French beat English troops
    • 07-23Battle at Gavere: Philip the Good beats Gentse rebellion
    • 10-192nd Battle at Castillon: France beats English, end of hundred year war

    People born in year of 1453

      No particular people born in year of 1453.

      People died in year of 1453

      • 05-29Constantine XI Dragases: Last Byzantine Emperor, dies at 49
      • 12-24John Dunstable: English composer