Events in year of 1457

  • 03-22Gutenberg Bible became the 1st printed book
  • 08-14Oldest known exactly dated printed book (c 3 years after Gutenberg)
  • 08-15Earliest dated book, "Mainz Psalter, " completed

People born in year of 1457

  • 01-28Henry VII: Pembroke Castle -- 1st Tudor King of England (1485-1509)

People died in year of 1457

  • 08-01Laurentius Valla: Italian philosopher (Voluptate), dies at about 50
  • 11-23Ladislaus V Posthumus: King of Hungary / Bohemia, dies at 17

Events in year of 1458

  • 01-24Matthias I Corvinus chosen King of Hungary
  • 03-02Hussite George van Podiebrad chosen King of Bohemia
  • 08-19Aenea Silvio Piccolomini chosen Pope Pius II

People born in year of 1458

  • 09-11Bernardo Accolti [Unico Aretino]: Italian writer (Virginia)
  • 10-05Kazimierz de Saint: Polish ruler / Saint

People died in year of 1458

  • 06-27Alfonso V: King of Aragon / Sicily / Naples (Alfonso I)
  • 06-29Mapheus Vegius [Maffeo Vegio]: Italian lawyer / humanist / poet
  • 08-06Callistus III [Alfonso the Borja]: Pope (1455-58), dies at 79