Events in year of 1459

  • 05-12Sun City India founded by Rao Jodhpur
  • 06-01Pope Pius II opens Congress of Mantua
  • 10-12Battle at Ludfor: Richard of York defeated

People born in year of 1459

  • 03-02Adrian VI [Adriaan F Boeyens]: Netherlands -- Pope (1522-23)
  • 03-06Jacob Fugger: German banker / Merchant
  • 03-22Maximilian I of Habsburg: German Emperor / Archduke of Austria
  • 12-22Djem Sultan: Son of Turks Sultan Mehmed II

People died in year of 1459

  • 03-03Ausias March: Catalan poet
  • 05-02Pierozzi Antoninus: Italian Archbishop of Florence / saint
  • 10-18Jan of Heinsberg: Bishop of Luik (1419-56)
  • 10-30Gianfrancesco Poggio Bracciolini: Chancellor of Florence

Events in year of 1460

  • 03-06Treaty of Alcacovas-Portugal gives Castile Canary Is for W Africa
  • 04-04University of Basle in Swizerland forms
  • 05-09Court yard episcopal palace Atrecht has witch burnings
  • 07-10Wars of Roses: Richard of York defeats King Henry VI at Northampton

People born in year of 1460

    No particular people born in year of 1460.

    People died in year of 1460

    • 05-09Jean Lavite: Atrechts painter
    • 11-13Henry the Navigator: Prince of Portugal, dies at 66