Events in year of 1467

  • 10-28Battle at Brustem: Charles the Stoute beats the Luikenaars

People born in year of 1467

  • 01-01Sigismund I [the old]: King of Poland
  • 07-26Ferdinand II: King of Naples

People died in year of 1467

  • 06-15Philip the Good: Duke of Burgundy, dies at 70

Events in year of 1468

  • 07-03Duke Charles the Stout marries Princess Margaretha of York
  • 10-30Charles the Stout occupies and plunders Luik

People born in year of 1468

  • 02-29Paul III: Last Renaissance Pope (1534-49)
  • 03-28Charles I: Duke of Savoy
  • 06-12Juan del Encina: Composer
  • 06-30Johan [the Standvastige]: Monarch of Saxon

People died in year of 1468

  • 02-03Johann Gensfleisch Gutenberg: Printer
  • 02-23John Gutenberg: German inventor (boekdrukkunst)