Events in year of 1476

  • 05-06Emperor Frederik III of Habsburg and Duke Charles the Stout arrange marriage of their children
  • 06-22Battle at Morat / Murten: Charles the Stout invades Switzerland
  • 12-24400 Burgundy soldiers freeze to death during siege of Nancy

People born in year of 1476

  • 06-28Paul IV [Giampietro Caraffa]: Inquisition / Pope (1555-59)
  • 08-28Motonoboe: Japanese painter (Kano-school)
  • 08-29Kano Motonobu: Kyoto, Japan -- Co-founder (Kano school of painting)
  • 09-11Louise of Savoye: French mother / regentes of King Francois I

People died in year of 1476

  • 08-04Jacob van Armagnac-Pardiac: French Duke of Nemours, beheaded
  • 12-26Galeazzo Maria Sforza: Duke of Milan, murdered

Events in year of 1477

  • 01-05Battle at Nancy, Burgundy vs. Switz, 7000+ killed
  • 08-19Burgundy and acquires Burgundian possessions in the Netherlands and France
  • 08-19Maximilian I, Son of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III, weds Mary of
  • 11-181st English printed book "Dictes & Sayengis of the Phylosophers"

People born in year of 1477

  • 01-25Anna de Bretagne: Wife of Maximilian of Austria and Louis XII

People died in year of 1477

  • 01-05Charles [the Bold]: Duke of Burgundy / writer, dies at 43
  • 07-22Adolf van Egmond: Duke of Gelre / Earl of Zutphen, dies in battle at 39