Events in year of 1478

  • 01-18Grand Duke Ivan II of Moscow occupies Novgorod
  • 04-261st Easter

People born in year of 1478

  • 02-07Thomas More: Lawyer / lord chancellor of England / Saint (Utopia)
  • 06-22Philips de Schone: Archduke of Austrian / King of Castilia (Philips I)
  • 07-22Philip I [the Handsome]: 1st Habsburg King of Spain (1504-06)

People died in year of 1478

  • 02-18Duke of Clarence: Forced drowning in a wine barrel
  • 02-22Hendrik Herp (Herpius / Harphius): Writer (Spieghel volcomenheit)

Events in year of 1479

  • 08-07Battle of Guinegate: Emperor Maximilian I vs. King Louis XI
  • 12-12Jews are expelled from Schlettstadt Alsace by Emperor Frederick III

People born in year of 1479

  • 03-26Vasili III: Great Prince of Moscow (1505-33) / Son of Ivan III

People died in year of 1479

  • 01-18Louis IX [the Rich]: Duke of Bayern (University of Ingolstadt), dies at 61
  • 01-20John II: King of Aragon / Navarra, dies at 81
  • 06-11Johannes a San Facundo: Spanish Augustine saint