Events in year of 1480

    No particular events in year of 1480.

    People born in year of 1480

    • 04-18Lucretia Borgia: Murderess (poison) / daughter (Pope Alexander VI)

    People died in year of 1480

    • 07-06Antonio Squarcialupi: Composer, dies at 64
    • 11-20Eleonora van Austrian: Translator

    Events in year of 1481

    • 08-302 Latvian monarchs executed for conspiracy to Polish King Kazimierz IV
    • 12-26Battle at Westbroek: Dutch army beats Utrecht

    People born in year of 1481

    • 01-01Huldrych Zwingli: Switzerland -- Protestant Reformer
    • 03-02Franz von Sickingen: German knight

    People died in year of 1481

    • 05-21Christian I: King of Denmark / Norway / Sweden
    • 08-28Afonso V: King of Portugal
    • 09-21Bartholomeus Platinum: Italian humanist / pontifical librarian
    • 11-21Ikkyu Sojun: Zen head of Daitokuji temple, dies at 87 in Kyoto, Japan