Events in year of 1484

  • 08-29Giovanni B Cibo elected as Pope Innocent VIII

People born in year of 1484

  • 02-21Joachim I Nestor: Elector (Brandenburg, Constitution)
  • 03-29Johann Spangenberg: Composer
  • 12-28Joachim Vadianus [von Watt]: Switzerland -- Physician / Mayor of Sankt Gallen

People died in year of 1484

  • 03-04Kazimierz [the Saint]: Polish ruler / saint, dies at 25
  • 08-12Sixtus IV [Francesco della Rovere]: Pope (1471-84)
  • 08-28Diogo: Duke of Viseu, murdered

Events in year of 1485

  • 06-28Gent / Brugge / Ieper recognize Maximilian of Austria as regent of Neth
  • 08-01Henry (VII) Tudors army sails to England
  • 08-07Henry (VII) Tudors army lands in Milford Harbor, South-Wales
  • 08-25Battle at Bosworth Fields: Henry Tudor beats King Richard III
  • 10-30King Henry VII Tudor crowned "Yeomen of the Guard"

People born in year of 1485

  • 04-03Lieven van der Maude [Ammonius]: Netherlands -- Poet
  • 11-30Veronica Gambara: Italian poetess
  • 12-16Catherine of Aragon: Spanish Princess / 1st Wife of Henry VIII

People died in year of 1485

  • 08-22Richard III: King of England (1483-85), killed in battle at 32
  • 10-27Rudolph Agricola [Roelof Huysman]: Humanist / organist