Events in year of 1487

  • 01-30Bell chimes invented
  • 05-24Imposter Lambert Simnel ceremony crowned as King Edward VI of Dublin
  • 06-04Lord Lovell and John de la Poles army land at Furness Lancashire
  • 06-16Battle at Stoke: Henry VII beats John de la Pole and Lord Lovell
  • 07-24Citizens of Leeuwarden Netherlands rebel against ban on foreign beer

People born in year of 1487

  • 02-14Henry II of Bavaria: Bishop of Utrecht / Worms / Freising
  • 09-10Julius III: Counter-Reformation Pope (1550-55)

People died in year of 1487

    No particular people died in year of 1487.

    Events in year of 1488

    • 02-03Bartholomeus Diaz discovers Mosselbaai (Angra dos Vaqueros)
    • 02-05Roman Catholic German Emperor Maximilian I caught in Belgium
    • 06-11Battle of Sauchieburn, Scotland
    • 12-15Bartholomeus Diaz returns to Portugal after sailing round Cape of Good Hope

    People born in year of 1488

    • 01-06Helius Eobanus Hessus: German poet (Silvae)
    • 04-21Ulrich von Hutten: German poet / humanist / patriot

    People died in year of 1488

    • 05-02Jacob van Horne: Burgundy statesman
    • 06-11James III: King of Scotland, dies in battle
    • 09-09Francois II of Bretagne
    • 10-07Andrea del Verrochio: Sculptor / Painter / goldsmith, dies at about 52