Events in year of 1496

  • 01-06Moorish fortress Alhambra, near Grenada, surrenders to the Christi
  • 03-05English King Henry VII hires John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) to explore
  • 03-09Jews are expelled from Carintha Austria
  • 03-12Jews are expelled from Syria
  • 12-05Jews are expelled from Portugal by order of King Manuel I

People born in year of 1496

  • 10-20Claude de Lutherans: Duke of Guise

People died in year of 1496

  • 03-12Johannes de Lapide [Johan Heynlin]: German philosopher
  • 04-16David van Bourgondie: Bishop of Utrecht (1456-96), dies at about 69
  • 07-08Benedetto Bonfiglio: Italian painter
  • 10-05Ferdinand II: King of Naples

Events in year of 1497

  • 01-06Jews are expelled from Graz (Syria)
  • 02-25Italians troops reconquer Taranto on France
  • 03-09Nicolaus Copernicus 1st recorded astronomical observation
  • 05-02John Cabot departs to North-America
  • 05-10Italian navigator Amerigo Vespucci leaves for 1st voyage to New World
  • 05-13Pope Alexander VI excommunicates Girolamo Savonarola
  • 06-22Antitax insurrection in Cornwall suppressed at Blackheath
  • 06-24John Cabot claims eastern Canada for England (believes he found Asia in Nova Scotia)
  • 07-08Vasco da Gama departs for trip to India
  • 08-06John Cabot returns to Bristol from North-America
  • 08-10John Cabot tells King Henry VII of his trip to "Asia"
  • 09-07Sailor Perkin Warbeck becomes English King Richard IV
  • 11-18Vasco da Gama reached the Cape of Good Hope
  • 11-22Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama rounds Cape of Good Hope

People born in year of 1497

    No particular people born in year of 1497.

    People died in year of 1497

    • 02-06John Ockeghem: Flemish singer / composer, dies at 79
    • 07-22Francesco Botticini: Italian painter, dies at about 52