Events in year of 1499

  • 01-08Louis XII of France after papal divorce marries Anne, Duchess of Brittany to keep duchy for the crown
  • 02-09France and Venice sign treaty against Milan
  • 07-26Alonso dhe Ojeda discovers Curacao Island
  • 08-25Battle at Sapienza: Turkish fleet beats Venetians
  • 10-06French King Louis XII occupies Milan

People born in year of 1499

  • 06-24Johannes Brenz: German theologist (Dutch Brentians)

People died in year of 1499

  • 01-09Johan Cicero: Elector of (Brandenburg, 1486-99), dies at 43
  • 04-29John IV: Dutch army leader / Earl of Egmond
  • 07-22Neithart Fox [Jonker Fox]: German passage leader, slain in battle
  • 11-23Perkin Warbeck: Flemish sailor, hanged
  • 11-28Edward Plantagenet: 18th Count of Warwick, beheaded

Events in year of 1500

  • 03-09Pedro Cabral departs with 13 ships to India
  • 04-08Battle at Novara: King Louis XII beats Duke Ludovico Sforza
  • 04-10France captures Duke Ludovico Sforza of Milan
  • 04-22Pedro Alvarez Cabral discovers Brazil and claims it for Portugal
  • 04-23Pedro Cabral lands and annexes Brazil (Terra da Vera Cruz)
  • 06-25Pope Alexander VI accept Treaty of Granada
  • 07-15"Blood Wedding" of Astorre Baglione and Lavinia Colonna in Perugia family Baglione massacre
  • 07-15Duke Albrecht of Saxon beats Friese rebellion
  • 08-10Diego Diaz discovers Madagascar
  • 11-25Governor De Bobadilla of Santo Domingo captures Columbus

People born in year of 1500

  • 02-24Carlos V: King of Spain (1516-56) / Holy Roman Emperor
  • 03-03Reginald Pole: English Cardinal / "heretic"
  • 04-12Joachim Camerarius [Liebhard Kammerer]: German humanist
  • 04-23Alexander Alesius [Aless / Alane]: System theologist / Physician
  • 11-01Benvenuto Cellini: Sculptor / goldsmith / author (Perseus)

People died in year of 1500

  • 04-11Michael T Marullus: Greeks poet, drowns
  • 05-29Bartholomeu Diaz de Narvaez (Novaez): Portuguese sea explorer, drowns
  • 09-12Albrecht III van Saxon-Meisen: Duke of Saxon, dies at 57