Events in year of 1508

  • 02-04Maximilian I assumes imperial title without being crowned
  • 02-06Maximilian I crowned Holy Roman Emperor
  • 10-29Gelderse troops occupies Kuinre
  • 12-10League of the Kingdom signed (covenant against Venice)

People born in year of 1508

  • 11-30Andrea Palladio [Andrea di Pietro della Gondola]: Architect
  • 12-08Gemma Frisius [Jemme Reinersz]: Frisian geographer / astronomer

People died in year of 1508

  • 05-27Ludovico Sforza [il Moro]: Italian Duke of Milan, dies at 55
  • 08-16Henry van Stolberg and Wernigerode: German Viceroy of Friesland, dies at 41

Events in year of 1509

  • 03-18Emperor Maximilian I names Margaretha land guardians of the Netherlands
  • 04-07France declares war on Venice
  • 04-16French army under Louis XII enters Alps
  • 04-21Henry the VIII becomes King of England
  • 04-22Henry VIII ascended to throne of England
  • 04-27Pope Julius II excommunicates Italian state of Venice
  • 05-14Battle of Agnadello, French beat Venitians in Northern Italy
  • 06-03Henry VIII married wife No 1, Catherine of Aragon
  • 06-24Henry VIII crowned King of England
  • 07-17Venice recaptures Padua
  • 09-27Storm ravages Flemish / Dutch / Friese coast, 1000s killed
  • 10-12Emperor Maximilian leaves Italy

People born in year of 1509

  • 01-25Giovanni Morone: Italian theologist / diplomat / Cardinal / "heretic"
  • 07-10John Calvin: Protestant religious Reformer / Theologian

People died in year of 1509

  • 04-21Henry VII: 1st Tudor King of England (1485-1509), dies at 52
  • 05-20Catharina Sforza: Italian Duchess of Forli, dies at 45
  • 09-28Siwara / Sjoerd Aylva: Fries army leader (siege of Franeker)