Events in year of 1510

  • 01-22Jews are expelled from Colmar Germany
  • 02-13Charles of Gelre conquerors Oldenzaal
  • 02-24Pope Julius II excommunicates the Republic of Venice
  • 07-1938 Jews are burned at stake in Berlin Prussia
  • 09-10Bishop Frederik of Bathe recaptures Oldenzaal

People born in year of 1510

  • 06-09Nicolaas van Nieuwland: Corrupt 1st Bishop of Harlem
  • 10-28Francisco Borgia: Great grandson of Pope Alexander VI / theologist / Saint

People died in year of 1510

  • 05-17Alessandro di Botticelli: Painter (Birth of Venus), dies at about 65
  • 05-17Sandro Botticelli [Alessandro di Mariano del Filpepi]: Painter
  • 07-17Tree of Commonwealth: Beheaded at about 48
  • 08-17Richard Empson: English treasurer, beheaded
  • 10-25Il Giorgione [Giorgio del Castelfranco]: Italian painter, dies at 32

Events in year of 1511

  • 07-25Portugese assault on city Malakka attack
  • 08-10Portugese troops occupy parts of Malakka
  • 08-24Portugese troops under Afonso the Albuquerque occupy Malakka
  • 09-01Council to Pisa opens
  • 10-05Eedgenootschap signs anti-French Saint League
  • 11-13England signs on to the Saint League
  • 11-17England and Spain sign anti-French covenant

People born in year of 1511

  • 06-18Bartolommeo Ammanati: Italian sculptor / architect
  • 06-18Ponte Santa Trinita: Florence, Italy
  • 07-01Hadrianus Junius [Adriaen de Jonghe]: Medical / historian / humanist
  • 09-29Michael Servetus: Spain -- Physician (Christianism Rostituta)
  • 11-14Janus Secundus: Neo latin poet (Basia)
  • 11-22Erasmus Reinhold: Germany -- Mathematician (calculated planetary table)

People died in year of 1511

    No particular people died in year of 1511.