Events in year of 1513

  • 01-20Christian II succeeds Johan I as Danish / Norwegian King
  • 03-27Spaniard Juan Ponce de Leon discovers Florida
  • 04-08Explorer Juan Ponce de Leon claimed Florida for Spain
  • 06-06Battle at Novara: Habsburgers vs. Valois
  • 08-16Battle at Eguinegatte / Guinegate: Maximilian and Henry III beat France
  • 09-09Battle of Flodden Fields; English defeat James IV of Scotland
  • 09-23King Henry III and Emperor Maximilian conquer Doornik

People born in year of 1513

  • 02-14Domenico Maria Ferrabosco: Italian composer
  • 07-09John van Hembyze: Flemish calvinist
  • 07-20Gaspar Schetz: Dutch Treasurer General
  • 10-29Jacques Amyot: French humanist / translator / abbot of Bellozanne

People died in year of 1513

  • 02-08Alonso de Ojeda: Spanish explorer (Curacao & Bonaire)
  • 02-21Julius II [Giuliano dellea Rovere]: Pope (1503-13), dies at 69
  • 09-09James IV: King of Scotland (1488-1513), dies in battle at 40
  • 12-25Johannes Amerbach: Swiss publisher / printer, dies at about 70

Events in year of 1514

  • 01-10Complutensian New Testament in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and Latin finished
  • 04-26Copernicus makes his 1st observations of Saturn
  • 09-08Battle at Ozra: Polish / Latvia army beats Russians
  • 09-15Thomas Wolsey appointed Archbishop of York
  • 10-09King Louis XII of France marries Mary Tudor, Daughter of Henry VIII

People born in year of 1514

  • 02-22Tahmasp I: Shah of Persia (1524-76) / author (Tazkire-i Shah)
  • 05-03Bartholomaeus a Martyribus [Fernandez]: Primate of Portugal
  • 07-28Maximilian of Burgundy: Viceroy of Holland
  • 12-31Andreas Vesalius: Brussels, Belgium -- Anatomist (Fabrica)

People died in year of 1514

  • 01-09Anna de Bretagne: Wife of Maximilian, dies at 36
  • 06-25Berta Jacobsdr [Suster Bertken]: Dutch hermit, dies at 87