Events in year of 1516

  • 04-101st ghetto, Jews are compelled to live in specific area of Venice
  • 08-13Kings Charles I and Francois I signs Treaty of Noyons
  • 08-24Battle at Aleppo: Turks beat Syria
  • 11-29Treaty of Freiburg: French / Swiss "eternal" peace treaty

People born in year of 1516

  • 02-18Mary I Tudor [Bloody Mary]: Greenwich -- Queen of England (1553-58)

People died in year of 1516

  • 01-23Ferdinand II: King of Aragon / Sicily, dies at 63
  • 03-13Vladislav II Jagiello: King of Bohemia (1490-1516), dies at 60
  • 07-30Johan V Nassau: Earl of Nassau-Vianden / Dietz
  • 08-09Jeroen Bosch: Painter (Garden of the Lusten), dies at 66
  • 08-21John III van Egmont [Manke John]: Viceroy of Holland, dies at 78

Events in year of 1517

  • 01-22Turks conquer Cairo
  • 03-16Pope Leo X signs 5th Council of Lateranen
  • 04-13Osmaanse army occupies Cairo
  • 05-19Philip van Bourgondie installed as Bishop of Utrecht
  • 06-11Sir Thomas Pert reaches Hudson Bay
  • 07-011st burning of Protestants at stake in the Netherlands
  • 07-01Inquisitor Adrian Boeyens (pope Adrianus VI) becomes Cardinal
  • 07-09Gelderse crowd robber murders population of Asperen
  • 10-31Luther posts 95 theses on Wittenberg church-Protestant Reformation

People born in year of 1517

  • 01-17Antonio Scandello: Italian composer (Passion of Johannes)
  • 01-31Gioseffo Zarlino: Composer
  • 06-29Rembert Dodoens [Rembertus Dodonaeus]: Physician / Botanist
  • 07-25Jacques Peletier [du Mans]: French poet / Scientist
  • 08-20Antoine Perrenot de Granvelle: Cardinal / Viceroy of Naples (1571-75)

People died in year of 1517

  • 04-13Tuman Bey: Last Mamelukken Sultan of Egypt, hanged
  • 09-24Frederik IV: Of Baden, Bishop of Utrecht
  • 10-02John Murmelius: Humanist / theory / school book writer, dies at about 37
  • 11-08Francisco Jimenez de Cisneros: Cardinal / Chancellor of Castilia