Events in year of 1524

  • 03-19Giovanni de Varrazano of France sights land around area of Carolinas
  • 04-17Giovanni Verrazano, a florentine navigator, discovers New York Bay
  • 04-19Pope Clemens VII fires Netherlands Inquisitor-General French Van de Holly
  • 04-24Duke of Bourbon drives Admiral Bonnivet out of Milan
  • 05-20Duke of Albany leaves Scotland
  • 06-27Earl Henry III of Nassau weds Mencia de Medoza, 16-years old marquess
  • 06-28Duke van Bourbon occupies Province
  • 07-15Emperor Karel I bans German national synode
  • 07-26James I (12) becomes King of Scotland
  • 10-26Spanish troops give Milan to France
  • 12-12Pope Clement VII approves Organization of Jewish Community of Rome

People born in year of 1524

  • 02-15Charles de Guise: Archbishop / Cardinal of Reims
  • 08-23Francois Hotman / Hotomanus: French lawyer / diplomat (Anti-Tribonien)

People died in year of 1524

  • 01-05Marko Marulic / Marulus / Splichanin / Pecinich: Croatian poet, dies at 73
  • 04-07Philip of Burgundy: Bishop of Utrecht
  • 05-21Thomas Howard 2nd Duke of Norfolk: General / Premier, dies at about 80
  • 10-15Joachim Patinir: Flemish landscape painter, dies at about 45
  • 12-24Vasco da Gama: Portuguese explorer / Viceroy of Cochin, dies at about 55

Events in year of 1525

  • 02-24Francois I caught taken / 8700 killed
  • 02-24Imperial forces defeat French in battle of Pavia
  • 05-10Church Reformer John Pistorius caught in the Hague
  • 05-15German boer army surrounded / slaughters 5,000; ends Boer war
  • 05-17Battle at Zabern: Duke of Lutherans beats rebels
  • 06-09Tax revolt in Hertogenbosch
  • 07-11Trial against "heretic" John Pistorius at The Hague
  • 07-19Catholic German monarchy form Union of Dessau
  • 09-07Trial against "heretic" John Pistorius ends in the Hague

People born in year of 1525

  • 02-03Giovanni Perluigi da Palestrina: Composer
  • 09-11Johan Georg: Elector of Brandenburg (1571-91)

People died in year of 1525

  • 04-03Giovanni Rucellai: Italian Poet (Le Api), dies at 49
  • 05-05Frederik III [the Wise]: Ruler of Saxon (1486-1525), dies at 62
  • 09-15John Pistorius: Church reformer, burned at the stake
  • 09-25Johannes Pistorius [Bakker]: RC pastor / church reformer, burned at 26
  • 10-20Joannes Custos: S Netherlands humanist, dies at about 50
  • 12-30Jacob Fugger: German banker / merchant, dies at 66