Events in year of 1527

  • 02-24Ferdinand of Austria crowned as King of Bohemia
  • 03-16Battle at Khanua: Mogol Emperor Babur beats Rajputen
  • 04-30England and France sign treaty of Westminster
  • 05-06Spanish and German Imperial troops sack Rome; ending Renaissance
  • 05-16Florence becomes a Republic
  • 05-30University of Marburg (Germany) founded
  • 06-24Gustaaf I begins Reformation in Sweden, taking RC possessions
  • 11-03Ferdinand of Austria / Bohemia chosen as King of Hungary
  • 11-15Treaty of Beautiful garden (Emperor-Ecclesiastical goods)
  • 11-26Pope Clemens VII signs treaty with Emperor Karel I
  • 12-06Pope Clemens VII fleas to Orvieto
  • 12-12Composer Adrian Willaert moves from Milan to Venice

People born in year of 1527

  • 03-21Hermann Finck: Composer
  • 05-08Johann Walter: Composer
  • 05-21Philip II: King of Spain (1556-98) and Portugal (1580-98)
  • 07-13John Dee: London, England -- Alchemist / Astrologer / mathematician
  • 07-31Maximilian II: German King / Emperor (1564-76)
  • 09-21Matthaus Ludecus: Composer
  • 11-18Luca Cambiaso: Italian painter / sculptor

People died in year of 1527

  • 05-06Karel van Bourbon: Military Governor (Lombardije), dies at 37
  • 06-22Machiavelli: Writer
  • 11-20Wendelmoet "Weyntjen" Claesdochter: 1st Dutch woman burned as heretic

Events in year of 1528

  • 01-22England and France declare war on Emperor Charles V
  • 02-12Treaty of Dordrecht between Emperor and ecclesiastical power
  • 03-05Utrecht Governor Maarten van Rossum plunders The Hague
  • 06-30Burgundy army occupies Utrecht
  • 09-28Spanish fleet sinks in Florida hurricane; about 380 die
  • 10-20Treaty of Gorinchem (Emperor & church)

People born in year of 1528

  • 03-01Albrecht V von Wittelsbach [the Generous]: Duke of Bavaria
  • 07-08Emanuel Philibert: Duke of Savoy / Governor of the Netherlands
  • 10-25Seerp Galama: Dutch nobleman / soldier / politician
  • 11-02Peter S Lotichius [Peter Lotz]: Neo latin poet (Collected Works)

People died in year of 1528

  • 01-28Philips of Cleve: Ruler of Ravenstein
  • 02-14Edzard I the Great: Count of Austria-E Frisia (1494-1528), dies at 66
  • 11-11Lucas van Prague: Czech leader of Bohemian Brothers, dies at about 68
  • 11-30Great Wierd: Dutch Gelderland army commander, beheaded