Events in year of 1538

  • 01-27States of Gelderland accepts Willem van Kleef as Viceroy
  • 04-09Danish King Christian III enters Schmalkaldische Union
  • 06-10Catholic German monarchy signs League of Neurenberg
  • 06-18Treaty of Nice: ends war between Emperor Charles V and King French I
  • 07-15Peace talks between Karel and King Francois I
  • 09-28Battle at Preveza: Turkish fleet under Barbarossa beats Spanish
  • 12-16King Francois I orders renewed pursuit of Protestants

People born in year of 1538

  • 04-24Gugliemo Gonzaga: Composer
  • 04-26Giovanni P Lomazzo: Italian writer / poet (Trattato)
  • 12-10Giovanni Battista Guarini: Italian writer (Faithfull Shepherd)

People died in year of 1538

  • 02-12Albrecht Altdorfer: German painter, dies at about 57
  • 02-16Everhard / Erardus van de Mark: Prince-bishop of Liege, dies at 65
  • 02-26Worp van Thabor: Frisian abbott of Thabor (Chronicon Frisiae)
  • 03-21Hugo: Earl of Leisnig, Governor of Frisia, dies at about 79
  • 06-30Charles van Egmond: Duke of Gelre / Earl of Zutphen, dies at 70
  • 08-20Aefgen Listinck: Dutch anabaptist, burned at stake
  • 09-14Henry of Nassau-Dillenburg and Dietz: Viceroy of Holland

Events in year of 1539

  • 02-01Emperor Karel and King Francois I sign anti-English treaty
  • 02-15Emperor Charles receives Cardinal Pole in Toledo
  • 02-19Jews of Tyrnau Hungary (then Trnava Czech), expelled
  • 04-19Charles, protestant German monarch, signs Treaty of Frankrfurt
  • 05-28Hernando de Soto lands in Florida
  • 05-30Spanish explorer Fernando de Soto discovers Florida
  • 06-03Hernando De Soto claims Florida for Spain
  • 10-04King Henry VIII and Anna of Kleef marry
  • 12-29St. Jacobs Church burns after being hit by lightning

People born in year of 1539

  • 02-27Franciscus Raphelengius: Dutch book publisher
  • 04-17Tobias Stimmer: Switzerland -- Painter / cartoonist (Comedia)
  • 06-13Jost / Jobst / Jodocus Amman: Switzerland -- Cartoonist / graphic artist / illustrator
  • 12-20Paul Melissus [Paul Schede]: German poet / composer

People died in year of 1539

  • 07-05Antonio M Zaccaria: Italian Physician / saint
  • 07-25Lorenzo Campeggieast: Archbishop of Bologna / diplomat, dies at 65
  • 08-28Lieven Pain: Flemish, beheaded at about 75
  • 10-15Reynier Brunt: Procureur-General of Court of Holland