Events in year of 1541

  • 03-18Hernan de Soto observes 1st recorded flood in America (Mississippi River)
  • 04-04Ignatius of Loyola becomes 1st superior-general of Jesuits
  • 05-08Hernando de Soto discovers Mississippi River
  • 06-18Irish parliament selects Henry VIII as King of Ireland
  • 08-26Turkish Sultan Suleiman occupies Buda / annexes Hungary
  • 11-09Queen Catharine Howard confined in London Tower
  • 12-29Isabella of Poland and King Ferdinand of Austria sign Treaty of Gyalu

People born in year of 1541

  • 10-31Hendrik van Kinschot: Dutch lawyer
  • 11-09Menso Alting: Dutch reformed vicar / theologist

People died in year of 1541

  • 01-06Bernard van Orley: Flemish royal Painter of Hungary, dies at about 52
  • 05-27Margaretha: Duchess of Salisbury, beheaded
  • 07-04Pedro de Alvarado: Spanish occupier, dies at about 56
  • 09-23Philippus A Paracelsus: Swiss Physician / alchemist, dies at 47
  • 12-24Andreas R Bodenstein von Carlstadt: Radical Lutheran, dies at about 61

Events in year of 1542

  • 01-21Parliament passes bill of attainder against Queen Katherine Howard
  • 06-27Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo claims California for Spain
  • 07-12French troops under Maarten van Rossem occupies Flanders
  • 07-21Pope Paul III begins inquisition against Protestants (Sactum Officium)
  • 08-02French troops leave Flanders
  • 08-23Rabbi Joseph Caro completes his commentary of Tur Code
  • 08-24Conquistador Francisco de Orellana returns to Spain
  • 09-28Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo discovers California, at San Diego Bay
  • 10-07Explorer Cabrillo discovered Catalina Island off California coast
  • 11-22Spain delegates "New Laws" against slavery in America
  • 11-24Battle at Solway Moss: English beat Scottish King James

People born in year of 1542

  • 02-22Santino Garsi: Composer
  • 06-15Richard Grenville: English parliament leader / Vice-Admiral (Roanoke)
  • 06-24Juan de la Cruz [de Yepes]: Spanish Carmelet / poet / Saint
  • 07-06Elisabeth van Nassau: Daughter of Willem / Juliana van Stolberg
  • 10-04Roberto Bellarmino: Italian theologist / diplomat
  • 10-14Abul-Fath Djalal-ud-Din: 3rd Mogol Emperor of India (1556-1605)
  • 10-15Djalalud-Din Mohammed Akbar: Emperor of India (1556-1605)
  • 12-07Mary Stuart: Queen of Scotland (1560-1587)

People died in year of 1542

  • 01-10Gerardus Noviomagus [Gerrit Geldenhauer]: Dutch theologist, die at 59
  • 02-13Catharine Howard: Queen of England / 5th Wife of Henry VIII, beheaded
  • 05-21Hernando de Soto: Dies while searching for gold near Mississippi River
  • 06-19Leo Jud[ae]: Swiss pastor / church Reformer
  • 10-27Abraham ben Avigdor: Rabbi / Author (commentary on Tur)
  • 12-14James: King of Scotland (1513-42), dies at 30
  • 12-28Albert Pigge [Pighius]: Dutch Theologist / astronomer, dies at about 52