Events in year of 1545

  • 02-13Willem of Nassau becomes Prince of Orange
  • 03-24German Parliament opens in Worms
  • 04-12French King Francois I orders protestants of Vaudois to be killed
  • 08-26Pope Paul III names his son Pierluigi Farnese, Duke of Parma
  • 09-08English Earl Hertford leads retaliatory mission against Scotland
  • 12-13Council of Trent (19th ecumenical council) opens

People born in year of 1545

  • 01-17Antonio Pace: Composer
  • 03-02Thomas Bodley: England, United Kingdom -- Diplomat / Scholar
  • 04-13Elisabeth van Valois: French Queen of Spain / Daughter of Henri II
  • 05-01Franciscus Junius [Francois du Jon]: French / Netherlands calvinist theologist
  • 07-08Don Carlos: Son of Spanish King Philip II
  • 08-27Alessandro Farnese: Duke of Parma / General / diplomat
  • 10-19Giovanale Ancina: Composer
  • 12-05Janus Dousa [Johan van de Does]: Dutch politician / poet

People died in year of 1545

  • 02-19Pierre Brully [Peter Brulius]: Calvinist minister, burned to death
  • 07-12Maria Manuela van Portugal: Niece of Spanish King Philip II
  • 07-19George Carew: English Admiral, drowns
  • 07-19Roger Grenville: English captain of Mary Rose, drowns
  • 09-24Albrecht von Brandenburg: Archbishop / Monarch of Mainz, dies at 55
  • 10-18John Taverner: English Composer (Western Wynde), dies at about 55
  • 11-28Jacob van Liesveld: Printer / "heretic" (Refeyen), beheaded

Events in year of 1546

  • 06-07England signs Peace of Andres with Scotland / Ireland

People born in year of 1546

  • 01-27Joachim III Frederick: Elector (Brandenburg)
  • 02-14Johann Pistorius: German theologist / historian
  • 04-21Arcangelo Crivelli: Composer
  • 06-24Robert Parsons: English Jesuit (A Letter Disclosure)
  • 07-04Murad III: Sultan of Turkey (1574-95)
  • 07-05Johann Steuerlein: Composer
  • 12-14Tycho Brahe: Knudstrup, Denmark -- Astronomer (Golden nose)

People died in year of 1546

  • 02-18Martin Luther: Biblical Scholar / religious reformer, dies at 62
  • 08-12Francisco de Vitoria: Spanish theology / lawyer
  • 11-01Giulio Romano: Italian Painter / Architect (Ondergang der Titanen)