Events in year of 1548

  • 06-30Emperor Charles V orders Catholics to become Lutherans
  • 07-16La Paz, Bolivia is founded
  • 08-15Mary Queen of Scotland (6) arrives in France

People born in year of 1548

  • 03-13Sasbout Vosmeer: Dutch Catholic theologist / apostole
  • 03-18Cornelis Ketel: Dutch portrait painter / poet
  • 12-23Pieter C Bockenberg: Historian (Annales Hollandiae et Zeelandiae)

People died in year of 1548

  • 01-23Bernardo Pisano: Composer, dies at 57
  • 04-01Sigismund I [the Elder]: King of Poland, dies at 81
  • 08-06Georg Rhau / Rhaw: German cantor / Composer / music publisher
  • 09-05Catharine Parr: Queen of England / Wife of Henry VIII, dies at about 36
  • 11-16Caspar Cruciger: German church reformer, dies at 44
  • 12-24Maximilian of Egmond: Dutch count / stadholder of Frisia

Events in year of 1549

  • 06-09Book of Common Prayer is adopted by the Church of England
  • 06-09England enforces Act of Supremacy
  • 07-12English boer army occupies Norwich
  • 07-17Jews are expelled from Ghent Belgium
  • 08-08France declares war on England
  • 08-12French troops occupy Ambleteuse England
  • 08-15Portuguese missionaries Franciscus Xaverius lands in Kagoshima Japan
  • 08-26Battle at Dussingdale: John Dudley beats rebels
  • 08-27Battle at Dussindale: John Dudley destroys English boer army
  • 09-13Pope Paul III signs Council of Bologna
  • 10-10Duke of Somerset fired as Lord Protector and imprisoned
  • 10-12John Dudley Earl of Warwick becomes English Premier

People born in year of 1549

  • 02-04Eustache du Caurroy: Composer
  • 03-11Henric Spieghel: Dutch Renaissance poet (Hertspiegel)
  • 06-01Allesandre Spontone: Composer
  • 10-01Anna of H Bartolomaeus: Flemish prioress / founded a nunnery
  • 11-05Philippe du Plessis: France -- Author
  • 12-01Johan van der Veeken: Merchant / co-founder (VOC)

People died in year of 1549

  • 01-19Barthout van Assendelft: 1st land advocate of Holland
  • 01-28Elia Levita: German-Yiddish writer (Habachur), dies at about 80
  • 03-20Thomas Seymour of Sudely: English Lord Admiral, beheaded
  • 05-27Lijsbeth Dirksdr: Fries antabaptist, drowns
  • 06-07Eelke Fouckens: Frisian anabaptist, beheaded
  • 11-10Paul III [Alessandro Farnese]: Italian Pope (1534-49), dies at 81