Events in year of 1554

  • 01-05Great fire in Eindhoven Neth
  • 01-25Sir Thomas Wyatt gathers an army in Kent, rebels against Queen Mary
  • 02-09Battle at London: Sir Thomas Wyatt defeated
  • 07-24Queen Maria of England marries Philip, King of Naples / Jerusalem
  • 11-30England reconciles with Pope Julius III

People born in year of 1554

  • 01-09Gregory XV [Alessandro Ludovisi]: Pope (1621-23)
  • 03-27Everhardus van Bronchorst: Dutch lawyer
  • 05-20Paulo Bellasio: Composer
  • 11-30Philip Sidney: England, United Kingdom -- Poet / Statesman / soldier (Arcadia)
  • 12-17Ernst of Bayern: Prince / Bishop of Liege / Archbishop of Cologne

People died in year of 1554

  • 02-11Lady Jane Grey: Deposed Queen of England, beheaded after 9 day rule
  • 02-12Jane Grey: Queen of England for 13 days, beheaded at 17
  • 02-21Hieronymus Bock: German doctor (founder of modern botany)
  • 03-03Johan F de Greatmoedige: Ruler of Saxon
  • 03-03Johan Frederik [the Generous]: Elector of Saxon (1532-47), dies at 50
  • 06-19Sixt[us] Birck [Xystus Betulius]: German writer (Judith), dies at 53
  • 08-25Thomas Howard: 3rd Duke of Norfolk, English great Admiral

Events in year of 1555

  • 04-09Marcello Cervini elected Pope Marcellus II
  • 04-17Siena surrenders for Spanish troops
  • 05-23Giampietro Caraffa elected Pope Paul IV
  • 09-25Freedom of Religion in Augsburg
  • 09-30Oxford Bishop Nicholas Ridley sentenced to death as a heretic
  • 10-21Emperor Charles V makes Erard of Pallandt Earl of Culemborg
  • 10-21English parliament refuses to recognize Philip of Spain as King
  • 10-25Emperor Karel puts son Philip II in charge of the Netherlands / Naples / Milan
  • 11-17William of Orange becomes member of Council of State

People born in year of 1555

  • 03-02Ludovico Spontoni: Composer
  • 09-23Louise de Coligny: French 4th Wife of Willem of Orange
  • 12-27Johann Arndt: German Lutherian theologist

People died in year of 1555

  • 02-09John Hooper: Deprived Bishop of Gloucester, burnt for heresy
  • 03-23Julius III [Giovanni M del Monte]: Pope (1550-55), dies at 67
  • 04-12Johanna de Wanzinnige: Queen of Castilie (1504-20), dies at 75
  • 05-01Marcellus II [Marcello Cervini]: Italian Pope (1555), dies at 53
  • 05-25Gemma Frisius: Frisian geographer / astronomer, dies at 46
  • 06-07Maarten van Rossum: Dutch army leader, dies at about 76
  • 09-08Thomas Villanova: Spanish Saint / Archbishop of Valencia
  • 10-16Hugh Latimer: Royal chaplain of Anna Boley, burned at stake at 80
  • 11-12Stephen Gardiner: English Bishop of Winchester, dies at about 65
  • 11-21Georg Agricola [Bauer]: German mineralogist (zinc), dies at 61
  • 11-24French Vervoort: Flemish mystic (Bruylocht Cleedt), dies at about 65