Events in year of 1557

  • 02-271st Russian Embassy opens in London, Russia and US sign trade agreement
  • 06-07England declares war on France
  • 08-03Dutch States-General meet at Valenciennes
  • 08-10Battle at St. Quentin: Lamoraal of Egmont and Philibert beat France
  • 09-11Catholic and Lutheran theology debated in Worm
  • 12-031st Covenant of Scottish protestants form

People born in year of 1557

  • 02-11John Wtenbogaert: Remonstrants theologist
  • 02-15Alfonso Fontanelli: Composer
  • 02-24Matthias: Vienna, Austria -- Holy Roman Emperor (1612-19)
  • 05-05Emmanuel-Philibert van Lalaing: Baron of Montigny / Marquis of Renty
  • 05-31Theodorus I [Fedor Ivanovitsj]: Czar of Russia (1584-98)
  • 09-16Jacques Mauduit: Composer
  • 12-07Girolamo Trombeti: Composer

People died in year of 1557

  • 04-09Michael Agricola: Finnish Theologist / church Reformer / Bishop
  • 06-15Sebastiaan Van Noyen: Military master builder
  • 07-16Anne of Cleeves: Queen of England / 4th Wife of Henry VIII, dies at 41
  • 10-05Il Bacchiacca [Franceso Ubertini]: Italian painter, dies at 63

Events in year of 1558

  • 01-07Calais, last English possession in France, retaken by French
  • 01-08French troops under Duke de Guise occupy Calais
  • 01-09Geneva becomes independent from Berne canton, Switzerland
  • 01-11Westmunster Church in Middelburg destroyed by heavy storm
  • 03-05Smoking tobacco introduced in Europe by Francisco Fernandes
  • 03-14Ferdinand I appointed Holy Roman Emperor
  • 04-04Czar Ivan IV gives parts of North-Russia to fur traders
  • 04-24Queen Mary Stuart of Scotland marries French crown Prince Francois
  • 07-23Battle at Grevelingen: General / Earl Lamoraal van Egmont beat France
  • 08-041st printing of Zohar (Jewish Kabbalah)
  • 11-07French King Henri II occupies Calais
  • 11-17Elizabeth I ascends English throne upon death of Queen Mary
  • 12-29Charles V, German Emperor, buried

People born in year of 1558

  • 05-16Andreas of Austria: Bohemia Cardinal / gov of the Netherlands (1598-1600)
  • 07-11Robert Greene: Elizabethan dramatist (Friar Bacon)
  • 08-19Paulus Merula: Dutch lawyer / historian
  • 11-06Thomas Kyd: English dramatist (Spanish Tragedy)

People died in year of 1558

  • 02-03Alfonsus de Castro: Spanish Theologist (council of Trente)
  • 03-13Jean Fernel: French Physician / physiologist
  • 03-24Anna van Buren: Countess of Egmond / Buren / Lingen
  • 04-26Jean Francois Fernel: French physician
  • 06-04Maximilian of Burgundy: Leader of Holland / Admiral, dies at 43
  • 09-21Charles V: King of Spain (Carlos I) / Holy Roman Emperor, dies at 58
  • 10-18Maria: Queen of Hungary / guardian of the Netherlands (1531-55), dies at 53
  • 10-21Julius Caesar Scaliger: Italian Physician (Poetice), dies at 74
  • 11-12Shalom Shakna ben Joseph: Rabbi (founder of 1st Polish Yeshiva)
  • 11-17Mary I Tudor: "Bloody Mary", Queen of England (1553-58), dies at 42
  • 11-17Reginald Pole: English Cardinal / Scholar / "heretic", dies at 58
  • 11-23Charles: Earl of Lalaing / land guardian of the Netherlands, dies at 52
  • 12-29Hermann Finck: Composer, dies at 31