Events in year of 1560

  • 01-31Spanish King Philip II marries Elisabeth van Valois
  • 03-07Christian fleet under Gian Andrea lands at Djerba, N Africa
  • 03-13Spanish fleet occupies Djerba, at Tripoli
  • 03-15Failed assault on royal palace in Amboise France
  • 07-06England / Scotland signs Treaty of Edinburgh
  • 07-29Turkish fleet recaptures Djerba on Spanjaarden
  • 08-21Tycho Brahe becomes interested in astronomy
  • 09-25Spanish King Philip II names Frederik Schenck of Toutenburg, 1st Archbishop of Utrecht

People born in year of 1560

  • 01-05William Cobbold: Composer
  • 07-01Charles van Croij: Prince of Chimay / Duke of Aarschot
  • 08-10Hieronymus Praetorius: Composer

People died in year of 1560

  • 01-01Guillaume du Bellay: Sieur de Langey, French soldier
  • 01-03Peder Palladus: Danish church Reformer (Visitasbog), dies at about 56
  • 01-28John a Lasco [John Laski]: Polish nobleman / reformed theologist
  • 04-19Philipp Melanchton (Schwazerd): Church reformer, dies at 63
  • 06-10Mary de Guise: Queen-mother of Scotland
  • 06-11Marie Guise: French Wife of King Jacobus V of Scotland, dies at 44
  • 06-11Mary of Lorraine: Pro-French Regent of Scotland, dies at 44
  • 09-08Amy Robsart: Wife of English Premier Robert Dudley, dies by accident
  • 09-29Gustaaf I: King of Sweden (1523-60)
  • 11-07Peter S Lotichius [Peter Lotz]: German Poet (Opera omnia)
  • 12-05Francois II: King of France (1559-60), dies at 16

Events in year of 1561

  • 01-28By Edict of Orleans persecution of French Huguenots is suspended
  • 02-22William of Orange appointed Viceroy of Burgundy / Charolais
  • 08-19Mary Queen of Scots arrives in Leith Scotland to assume throne after spending 13 years in France
  • 08-24Willem of Orange marries Duchess Anna of Saxon
  • 09-09Sermon of Poissy
  • 09-23King Philip II of Spain forbids Spanish settlements in Florida
  • 12-21Archbishop Granvelle installed

People born in year of 1561

  • 01-22Francis Bacon: England, United Kingdom -- Statesman / essayist (Novum Organum)
  • 03-29Santorio Sanctorius: Trieste, Italy -- Physician / burned at stake / heretic
  • 06-24Rombout Hogerbeets: Lawyer / pension Minister of Leiden
  • 08-20Jacopo Peri: Composer
  • 08-29Bartholomeus Pitiscus: German mathematician (Trigonometry)
  • 09-29Roomen: Mathematician
  • 11-21Carolus Scribani: Italian / Flemish Jesuit / author
  • 12-09Edwin Sandys: A founder of Virginia colony

People died in year of 1561

  • 01-31Menno Simonsz: Dutch priest / vicar (Foundation Book)
  • 10-21Johannes Vasaeus: Flemish humanist / historian, dies at about 49