Events in year of 1575

  • 01-22English Queen Elizabeth I grants Thomas Tallis and William Byrd music press monopoly
  • 02-08University of Leiden Neth opens
  • 02-11King Frederick of Denmark offers island of Hveen to Tycho Brahe
  • 06-12William of Orange marries Charlotte de Bourbon
  • 06-28Spanish troops conquer Buren
  • 07-12Willem van Orange marries Charlotte de Bourbon
  • 07-19Spanish Viceroy Gilles of Hierges attacks Oudewater
  • 08-07Spanish troops conquer Oudewater, almost all inhabitants died
  • 09-16King Johan Casimir of Palts promises military aid to hugenots
  • 11-08French Roman Catholics and Huguenots signs treaty

People born in year of 1575

  • 07-25Christoph Scheiner: Germany -- Astronomer
  • 09-12Henry Hudson: England, United Kingdom -- Navigator / explorer (Hudson River)

People died in year of 1575

  • 05-17Matthew Parker: Archbishop of Canterbury (1559-75), dies at 68
  • 06-02Pieter Aertsen [Long Worm]: Painter, dies at about 65
  • 06-16Hadrianus Junius [Adriaen the Jonghe]: Medical / historian, dies at 63
  • 09-29Charles de Boisot: Water beggar, dies in battle at about 45

Events in year of 1576

  • 02-03Henry of Navarre (future Henry IV) escapes from Paris
  • 02-05Henry of Navarre abjures Catholicism at Tours
  • 04-27Peace of Beaulieu and Paix de Monsieur
  • 05-14Dutch Council of State replaced by Council of Beroerten
  • 05-23Tycho Brahe given Hveen Island to build Uraniborg Observatory
  • 07-02Muitende Spanish soldiers conquer Zierik Sea
  • 07-26Muitende Spanish troops conquer Aalst
  • 10-12Rudolf II succeeds Maximilian II as Archduke of Austria
  • 10-19Dutch provinces begin consultation about Spanish existence
  • 10-20Spanish troops occupies and plunder Maastricht
  • 11-04Spanish defeat Walloons and take Antwerp Belgium
  • 11-08Pacificatie of Gent: 17 Dutch provinces signs anti-Spanish covenant

People born in year of 1576

  • 01-12Peter Scriverius: Dutch lawyer / historian
  • 05-17Ferdinand van Apshoven [the Older]: Flemish painter
  • 10-25Thomas Weelkes: Composer
  • 10-30Enrico C Davila: Padua, Italy -- Writer (Storia delguerre civili Francia)
  • 12-03Marsilio Casentini: Composer

People died in year of 1576

  • 01-19Hans Sachs: Composer, dies at 81
  • 05-27Louis de Boisot: Dutch Admiral, drowns at about 44
  • 08-15Baliny Valentin Bakfark: Composer
  • 08-27Titian [Tiziano Vecelli]: Italian painter, dies of plague
  • 09-21Girolamo Cardano: Italian mathematician, dies at 74
  • 10-12Maximiliaan II: German King / Kaiser (1564-76)
  • 10-26Frederick II the Vrome: Ruler of Palts
  • 12-04Rheticus: Mathematician
  • 12-15Joachim Hopperus [Hoppers]: Frisian lawyer / politician, dies at 53