Events in year of 1578

  • 01-31Battle of Gembloers
  • 04-01William Harvey of England discovers blood circulation
  • 06-11England grants Sir Humphrey Gilbert a patent to explore and colonize US
  • 08-02Battle of Rijmenam
  • 08-04Battle of Alcazarquivir, Moroccans defeat Portuguese, 10,000 killed
  • 08-13Duke French van Anjou recognized as protector of the Netherlands
  • 10-10Count Johan Casimir occupies Ghent with 500 horsemen

People born in year of 1578

  • 01-28Cornelis Haga: Dutch lawyer / ambassador to Constantinople (1611-39)
  • 03-18Adam Elsheimer: German painter / cartoonist / etcher, baptized
  • 04-01William Harvey: England, United Kingdom -- Physician (discovered blood circulation)
  • 04-14Philip III: King of Spain and Portugal (1598-1621)
  • 05-30Valentin Dretzel: Composer
  • 07-09Ferdinand II: King of Bohemia / Hungary / German Emperor (1619-37)
  • 07-31Catharina Belgica of Nassau: Daughter of Willem of Orange
  • 12-02Agostino Agazzari: Composer

People died in year of 1578

  • 02-05Giovanni B Moroni: Italian portrait painter
  • 03-31Juan de Escobedo: Secretary of Spanish land guardian Don Juan, murdered
  • 07-04Charles de Berlaymont: Baron of Hierges, gov / Viceroy of Names
  • 08-042 Moroccan royalist, Die in battle
  • 08-04Sebastiaan: King of Portugal (1557-78), dies in battle at about 24
  • 08-11Pedro Nunes [Nonius]: Port Mathematician / astronomer (nonius)
  • 11-08Johann Walter: Composer, dies at 51

Events in year of 1579

  • 01-06Artois / Hainault / Dowaai sign pro-Spanish Union of Arras
  • 01-07England signs an offensive and defensive alliance with Netherland
  • 01-23Union of Utrecht signed, forming protestant Dutch Republic
  • 01-25Treaty of Utrecht signed, marks beginning of Dutch Republic
  • 03-05Betuwe joins Union of Utrecht
  • 03-06Veluwe joins Union of Utrecht
  • 03-23Friesland joins Union of Utrecht
  • 04-11Venlo joins Union of Utrecht
  • 05-07Congress of Cologne forms in the Netherlands
  • 05-17Artois / Henegouwen / French-Flanders sign Treaty / Peace of Parma recognizing Spanish Duke van Parma as land guardian
  • 06-17Anti-English uprising in Ireland
  • 06-17Francis Drake entered SF Bay
  • 06-17Sir Francis Drake lands on coast of California
  • 07-21Mechelen surrenders to Duke of Parma
  • 07-26Francis Drake leaves SF to cross Pacific Ocean
  • 07-28Cardinal Granvelle returns to Madrid
  • 07-29Antwerp request union with of Utrecht
  • 07-29King Philip II arrests plotters Antonio Perez and Princess van Eboli
  • 08-17Francois van Anjou visits English Queen Elizabeth I
  • 09-13Breda forms Union of Utrecht
  • 10-07English royal marriage of Queen Elizabeth I to Duke of Anjou

People born in year of 1579

  • 01-04Willem Teellinck: Dutch theologist / vicar
  • 02-09John Meursius [van Meurs]: Dutch historian
  • 04-12Francois de Bassompierre: Marshal of France
  • 07-25Valerius Otto: Composer
  • 08-18Charlotte Flandrina van Nassau: Daughter of Willem I of Orange
  • 08-24John Amner: Composer
  • 11-11Frans Snyders: Flemish animal painter
  • 11-22Jan Baptist Stalpart van der Wiele: Dutch lawyer / pastor / lyricist
  • 12-12Heinrich Steuccius: Composer
  • 12-20John Fletcher: Elizabethan dramatist (Phylaster)

People died in year of 1579

  • 10-24Albrecht V von Wittelsbach: Duke of Bavaria, dies at 51