Events in year of 1584

  • 01-07Last day of the Julian calendar in Bohemia and Holy Roman empire
  • 01-17Bohemia adopts Gregorian calendar
  • 01-22Parts of Switzerland adopt Gregorian Calendar
  • 04-07Ieper surrenders to Duke Van Parma
  • 05-167 Westfriese towns divide monasteries of Egmond / Blokker / St-Pietersdal
  • 05-30Earl Adolf van Nieuwenaar / Meurs becomes Viceroy of Gelderland
  • 07-10Spanish army leader Richebourg conquerors Liefkenshoek, Belgium
  • 09-15San Lorenzo del Escorial Palace in Madrid finished
  • 09-17Gent surrenders to Duke of Parma
  • 11-10Willem Louis of Nassau appointed Viceroy of Friesland
  • 11-23English parliament throws out Jesuits

People born in year of 1584

  • 01-29Frederik Hendrik: Count of Nassau / Prince of Orange
  • 02-12Casparus Barleaus: Flemish theologist / poet (Muiderkring)
  • 04-29Melchior Teschner: Composer
  • 09-11Thomas Erpenius [van Erpe]: Dutch orientalist / arabist (grammar)
  • 09-16Matthias Gallas: Austria -- Earl of Campo / Duke of Lucerna / General Major
  • 12-04John Cotton: Puritan clergyman in Mass Bay colony

People died in year of 1584

  • 01-04Tobias Stimmer: Swiss Painter / cartoonist / playwright, dies at 44
  • 01-30Jonker Wigbold van Ewsum: Mister of Nienoord, dies in battle
  • 01-30Pieter Jansz Pourbus: Flemish painter
  • 03-18Ivan IV [the Terrible]: Russian tsar (1547-84), dies at 53
  • 06-10Francois-Hercule de Valois: French crown prince, dies at 28
  • 07-10Willem I "the Silent" [Willem of Orange]: Earl of Nassau, dies at 51
  • 08-04John van Hembyze: South Netherlands Calvinist, dies at 71

Events in year of 1585

  • 01-02Spain and Catholic France sign Saint League of Joinville
  • 04-05Clemens Crabbeels becomes Bishop of Hertogenbosch
  • 05-19Spain confisquates English ships
  • 06-23Spanish army under Tassis beats Amerongen Staatse troops
  • 07-07King Henri III and Duke De Guise signs Treaty of Nemours: French Huguenots loose all freedoms
  • 07-17English secret service discovers Anthony Babingtons murder plot against Queen Elizabeth I
  • 07-25Amsterdam bans 45 roman catholics
  • 07-29Friese academy opens
  • 08-08Pope Sixtus excommunicates Hendrik van Navarra (Henri IV)
  • 08-10English Queen Elizabeth I signs Treaty of Nonsuch: Aid for Neth
  • 08-14Queen Elizabeth I refuses sovereignty of the Netherlands
  • 08-17Antwerp surrenders after 8 months siege by Duke of Parma
  • 08-20English Queen Elizabeth I signs Treaty of Nonsuch: aid to the Netherland
  • 12-20English fleet and Earl Robert Dudley van Leicester reach Vlissingen

People born in year of 1585

  • 01-06Claude Favre Baron de Perouges seigneur de Vaugelas: French grammarian
  • 03-05Johan Georg I: Elector of Saxon (1611-56) (Peace of Prague)
  • 03-16Gerbrant A Bredero: Holland, Netherlands -- Poet / playwright (Klucht van de Koe)
  • 06-20Lazaro Valvasensi: Composer
  • 09-09Armand-Jean du Plessicide de Richelieu: Premier of France (1624-42)
  • 09-10Ercole Porta: Composer
  • 10-08Heinrich Schutz: Composer
  • 10-28Cornelius Otto Jansen: France -- Roman Catholic reform leader

People died in year of 1585

  • 03-10Rembert Dodoens [Rembertus Dodonaeus]: Physician / botanist, dies at 67
  • 04-04Caspar de Robles: Spanish Viceroy of Frisia, dies at about 57
  • 04-10Gregory XIII [Ugo Buoncampagni]: Italian Pope (1572-85)
  • 06-04Marc-Antoine de Muret: Composer, dies at 58
  • 06-20Christianus Adrichomius: Writer (Theatrum Terrae Sanctae), dies at 52
  • 10-06Luca Cambiaso: Italian Painter / sculptor
  • 11-23Thomas Tallis: Composer