Events in year of 1622

  • 01-01Papal Chancery adopts Jan 1 as beginning of the year (was March 25)
  • 01-06Pope Gregory XV forms Congregatio the Propagande Fide
  • 01-07Germany and Transylvania sign Peace of Nikolsburg
  • 02-08King James I disbands the English parliament
  • 03-12Ignatius of Loyola declared a Saint
  • 03-221st Indian (Powhattan) massacre of whites Jamestown Va; 347 slain
  • 08-10County Maine appended on John Mason / Fernandino Gorges
  • 09-05Richelieu becomes Cardinal
  • 09-06Spanish silver fleet disappears off Florida Keys; 1,000s die
  • 10-18French King Louis XIII and Huguenots sign treaty of Montpellier

People born in year of 1622

  • 01-01Isaac Sweers: Dutch Admiral / General / Civil rights activist
  • 01-20Susanna van Baerle: Dutch poet / Wife of Geeraert Burns
  • 02-13Adam Pijnacker: Landscape painter / etcher, baptized
  • 02-27Rembrandt Carel Fabritius: Dutch painter
  • 04-07Louise Hollandine: Daughter of King Frederik V and Elizabeth Stuart
  • 04-17Henry Vaughan: English poet (Silex Scintillans)
  • 08-16Tsjerk H de Vries: Fleet guardian
  • 09-04Jacob Hintze: Composer
  • 09-30Johann Sebastiani: Composer
  • 11-08Karl X Gustaf: King of Sweden (1654-60)
  • 11-30Thomas of Apshoven: Flemish painter, baptized
  • 12-16Kurt S Adeler: Danish Admiral / ship builder

People died in year of 1622

  • 01-23William Baffin: British explorer, dies at about 38
  • 02-11Alfonso Fontanelli: Composer, dies at 64
  • 05-15Peter Plancius: Flemish vicar / cartographer, dies at about 69
  • 05-20Osman II: Sultan of Turkey (1618-22)
  • 12-13Jan Campanus: Composer, dies at 50

Events in year of 1623

  • 02-25Duke Maximilian I of Bavaria becomes Monarch of Palts
  • 03-051st American temperance law enacted, Virginia
  • 04-2911 Dutch ships depart for the conquest of Peru
  • 06-141st breach-of-promise lawsuit: Rev Gerville Pooley, Va files against Cicely Jordan, he loses
  • 08-06Maffeo Barberini elected Pope Urban VIII
  • 11-01Fire at Plymouth, Massachusetts destroys several buildings

People born in year of 1623

  • 01-31Francois-Xavier de Laval
  • 03-14Adam-Nicolas Gascon: Composer
  • 04-23Jan Adam Reincken: Composer
  • 04-27Johann Adam Reincken: Composer
  • 05-30Wallerand Vaillant: Painter / engraver, baptized
  • 06-15Cornelis de Witt: Dutch Statesman (Chatham)
  • 06-19Blaise Pascal: Mathematician / physicist / religious writer (Pascal)
  • 08-05Antonio Cesti: Composer

People died in year of 1623

  • 01-14Paolo Sarpi: Italian church Historian / politician, dies at 70
  • 07-04William Byrd: English Composer (Ave verum corpus), dies at 80
  • 07-08Gregory XV [Alessandro Ludovisi]: Bishop of Bologna / Pope, dies at 69
  • 08-06Anne Hathaway: Wife of William Shakespeare
  • 09-10John I Van de Velde: Calligrapher (Mirror of Write-Konste)
  • 11-09William Camden: English historian: Brittania / Annales, dies at 72
  • 12-01Thomas Weelkes: Composer, dies at 47