Events in year of 1636

  • 03-26University of Utrecht opening ceremony
  • 04-29Prince Frederik Henry occupies Schenkenschans
  • 07-04City of Providence, Rhode Island form
  • 08-04Johan Mauritius appointed Governor of Dutch Brazil
  • 08-14Spanish troops occupy Corbie at Amiens
  • 10-041st code of law for Plymouth Colony
  • 10-04Battle at Wittstock, Brandenburg: Sweden beat Ferdinand III
  • 10-28Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts) founded

People born in year of 1636

  • 02-12Herman Witsius [Wits]: Dutch reformed theologist
  • 06-15Johann David Mayer: Composer
  • 07-02Daniel Speer: Composer
  • 09-18Pietro Sanmartini: Composer
  • 11-10Francesco Passarini: Composer

People died in year of 1636

  • 07-20John Oldham: Trader in Mass, murdered by indians
  • 12-09Giovanni B Aleotti: Ital writer / theater architect, dies at about 90

Events in year of 1637

  • 01-23Dutch Governor Johan Mauritius lands in Pernambuco Brazil
  • 02-15Ferdinand III succeeds Ferdinand II as Holy Roman Emperor
  • 05-13Cardinal Richelieu of France creates the table knife
  • 05-261st battle of Pequot at New Haven Ct kills 500 indians
  • 08-28WIC-Colonel Hans Koin conquerors Fort Elmina, West Africa
  • 10-07Prince Frederik Henry occupies Breda
  • 11-07Anne Hutchinson banished from Mass bay colony as a heretic
  • 11-20Peter Minuit and 1st Swedish immigrants to Delaware sail from Sweden

People born in year of 1637

  • 02-06Toyotomi Hideyoshi: Unified Japan
  • 02-12John Swammerdam: Dutch anatomist / entomologist (Bible of Nature)
  • 03-05John van der Heyden: Dutch painter / inventor (fire extinguisher)
  • 04-15Valentin Molitor: Composer
  • 04-26Philip J van Lichtenbergh: Governor of Suriname
  • 06-10Jacques Marquette: Jesuit / Missionary founder (Chicago)
  • 06-16Giovanni Paulo Colonna: Composer
  • 07-08Johann Georg Ebeling: Composer
  • 08-20Cornelis Van Aerssen: Dutch Governor / co-owner of Surinam
  • 09-27Hieronymus Gradenthaler: Composer
  • 10-20Nicolaas van der Veken: Flemish sculptor (confessional chairs)
  • 11-21Catharina Questiers: Dutch poetess (Friend of Abandoned Child)
  • 12-07Barnardo Pasquini: Composer

People died in year of 1637

  • 02-15Ferdinand II: King of Bohemia / Hun / German Emperor (1619-37), dies at 58
  • 08-06Ben Johnson: Dramatist / playwright, dies at 65
  • 08-13Dirck J Bas: Dutch Merchant / regent / government leader (OIC)
  • 09-08Robert Fludd: Composer, dies at 63
  • 09-14Pierre Vernier [Peter Werner]: French mathematician
  • 10-21Laurens Reael: Vice-governor of Ambon / Poet / Admiral, dies at 54
  • 10-28Foppe van Aitzema: Diplomat, dies at about 57