Events in year of 1645

  • 03-24Battle at Jankov Bohemia: Sweden beatS RC Emperor Ferdinand III
  • 04-02Robert Devereux resigns as parliament Supreme Commander
  • 04-03English parliament accept Self-Denying Ordinance
  • 04-07Michael Cardozo becomes 1st Jewish lawyer in Brazil
  • 06-14Battle at Naseby Leicester: New Model army under Oliver Cromwell and Thomas Fairfax beats royalists
  • 07-13Aleksei Romanov succeeds his father Michael as Czar of Russia
  • 07-23Aleksei Mihailovitch Romanov succeeds his father Michael as Czar
  • 08-03Battle of Allersheim: French defeat Bavarians
  • 08-30Dutch and Indians sign peace treaty (New Amsterdam (NY))
  • 11-04Prince Frederik Henry conquerors Holly

People born in year of 1645

  • 01-28Gottfried Vopelius: Composer
  • 08-03August Kuhnel: Composer
  • 09-10Romeyn de Hooghe: Haarlem, Netherlands -- Painter / goldsmith
  • 10-26Aert de Gelder: Dutch painter (King David)
  • 11-21Johann Lohner: Composer
  • 11-30Andreas Werkmeister: Composer
  • 12-27Giovanni Adb Viscardi: Switzerland -- Architect

People died in year of 1645

  • 01-10William Laud: Archbishop of Canterbury, beheaded for treason at 71
  • 04-19Anton van Diemen: Governor-General (Netherlands East Indies), dies at about 51
  • 07-23Michael Fjodorovitsj: Tsar of Russia (1613-45) / 1st Romanov
  • 09-02Lady Alice Lisle: English widow of John Lisle, beheaded
  • 09-14Heinrich Steuccius: Composer, dies at 65

Events in year of 1646

  • 02-28Roger Scott was tried in Mass for sleeping in church
  • 03-06Joseph Jenkes, MA, receives 1st colonial machine patent
  • 04-27King Charles I flees Oxford
  • 05-05King Charles I surrenders at Scotland
  • 05-30Spain and Netherlands signs temporary cease fire
  • 07-30English parliament sets King Charles I Newcastle Propositions
  • 10-281st Protestant church assembly for indians (Massachusetts)
  • 12-07Princess Louise Henriette (19) marries monarch Frederik Henry

People born in year of 1646

  • 02-04Hans A Freiherr von Abschatz: Silesian poet
  • 07-01G W Leibniz: German mathematician / philosopher; postulated monads
  • 07-29Johann Theile: German composer (Adam & Eve)
  • 08-19John Flamsteed: 1st astronomer royal of England
  • 09-09Zeger B van Espen: Flemish theologist
  • 10-02Guillaume Poitevin: Composer
  • 12-25Harald Vallerius: Composer

People died in year of 1646

  • 01-06Elias Hill: German Architect of Augsburg, dies at 72
  • 03-20Matthew Vossius: Historian (Annales Holland Zelandiaeque), dies at 35
  • 08-28Fulvio Testi: Italian Poet (Poesie liriche), dies at 53
  • 09-11Johann Stobaeus: Composer, dies at 66
  • 09-14Thomas H Earl of Arundel: English art collector (Marbles)
  • 10-03Virgilio Mazzocchi: Composer, dies at 49
  • 10-09Baltasar Carlos: Son of Spanish King Philip IV
  • 10-12Francois De Bassompierre: Marshal of France
  • 11-30John C Lichthart: Admiral (Cape Augustine), dies at about 45